”The cookery is a little rascal; often it despairs you, but gives you pleasure as well, because when you succeed or when you can solve a problem you feel satisfied and you sing as winner”


Pellegrino Artusi

Romagna’s food and wine tradition dates back to the history of the peasant society, that was once the pillar of civilization.The pillar of the family was the so-called “Azdora”, the woman who spent time in the kitchen and cared about food.This illustrious character is responsible for the invention of plenty of tasty specialities from Romagna, such as chicken soups, homemade pasta with meat sauce and both roasted and braised meat to be accompanied with a glass of fine Sangiovese wine.

Cervia’s cuisine is mostly based on fish; this ancient fishing village still retains ancient culinary traditions based on fish and salt. Salt, that became extremely famous during the Etruscan Period, is now an internationally renowned condiment..The famous “Sweet Salt of Cervia” is produced in the ancient salt pans of the city; traditional processing methods make it a unique product that has recently been included in the prestigious list of “Slow Food Movement




Not to be missed is the famous Piadina Romagnola, that has made traditional cuisine from Romagna famous all over Italy and abroad.  Based on simple, genuine ingredients (water, flour, salt and lard or olive oil), this kind of “focaccia” has won over even gourmets, and can be accompanied with both sweet and savoury specialities.

Apart from gathering funny attractions, Romagna boasts precious culinary traditions too; Pellegrino Artusi, the most acclaimed gastronome in Italy, was born in Forlimpopoli, in the hinterland of Romagna.

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