Cervia gives tourists the possibility to spend pleasant holidays here while lying down on the beach or undergoing targeted thermal therapies and treatments.



The ancient salt pans are a precious resource for the city, and make its spa establishments unique thanks to the presence of  the so-called “Mother Water”, a special water containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide that has high mineral and salt content and is therefore suitable to treat several affections. Apart from producing this precious water, the city’s salt pans are also rich in mud baths, that are often employed to treat osteoarticular infections, otorhinolaryngological problems and dermatological diseases.

Mud baths are also deeply employed in beauty treatments; for example, they are used to smooth skin and fight against cellulite; the local spa establishments have recently designed a new cosmetic line based on natural products that is enriched by thermal mud and mother water.

The baths


The local spa establishments also give guests the possibility to keep fit, since they often include modern fitness centres provided with state-of-the-art equipment.

Idyllically set just in the heart of the city’s lush pinewood forest, Cervia Spas are the ideal location for those interested in spending pleasant holidays here based on the principles of “Remise en forme”.


Acapulco and Mocambo Hotels, that are provided with special agreements with Cervia’s Spas, give guests the possibility to take advantage of tailor-made packages including fitness programmes, psychophysical therapies and beauty treatments !

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